in the clouds overhead walking between sky + earth

complex fallen of heaven another sea dwindles immaculately

light percolates in frigid twilight air now falling

fulfillment white as marble peaks sliding curious

beyond horizon are explosive vibrations

movements pass slow without hesitance

underneath arises lightning in patternless formation

erase gems in sky from lakes in lights above harbor

dense white fluffy cloud rounded edges

drop by drop rain passes beyond true origin

approaches the flood + seek shelter above gravitational magnetism 

beneath pendulous paths worn and wary passage of time unexplained

beyond pink sky new galaxy watches brilliant parapet point become horizontal axis

spectacle glorious illusion toppling kingdom composed by technicolor frequencies

amulets blossom in morning smokestacks

pulsating flowers under close guard near destroyed surveillance outpost

time sent signals above glorious landscape dotted by virulent cascading hues

none shall be reprised

feigning honesty the crowd proceeds evacuation

vaguely claustrophobic from severed pinnacle indoctrination

context of dimensional politics is frightened mass confusion spiraling out

light now has left the city all things shadowed in dark

under archway secret entrances of mangled machinery resemble underpass

at dawn of phonetic slumbers has hopeless meandering been ascertained

cannot be defined reduces gently marking it's ashes in the snow

certain trestle of blackened metal moves above

remote wings empty this time reopened accommodating tendril forces

long juxtaposition of hidden artifacts everywhere always in obtuse forms

slowly days are bled out bright wholesome in morning transference 

only hypnotist from elsewhere seals final gate

cascading red or blue occasional winter lust dismantled

glow from above reaches down + denies a faithless glory

invisible to all but once the crashing ensues all things return to absolute zero instantly

august the upper edge of spaceships cargo bay

from atop crystal rainbow pyramids solar transmissions emanate 

subaqueous reiteration as universal waves crescendoing beyond reality

cosmic satellites orbit trilaterally with force of soul expelled

moon crowned rough bleak below mountain palace delight of satyrs

lion teeth face first above heavy terror

concave apex loosens itself drop of gold

disconnected from consciousness grid sun ruptures in swirl of fractals

all along into depths of matter

incomparable to all things past present future

destroy both time + place cycle in same sullen halted ceremony

abyss cradles unwound etching chipped away

repeating dream perplexing inverted illusion condemned

rose mirrors itself pure depth elemental 

moon mirrors rose deep scarlet red blood pulsating

only the ocean remains true rising and falling in waves